Social initiatives

The Hare Krishna Movement Jaipur is taking many initiatives to play an important role in society upliftment. Through “Akshay Kalewa” program, movement is feeding poverty stricken people at fifty different locations in Jaipur. Through “Free Dinner Program”, hundreds of engineering & others students are enjoying delicious food on weekends. Temple is also providing “Khichdi prasadam” to every visitor. For nearby people, temple is providing hundreds of liter pure RO water everyday. Young generation is backbone of any nation. Movement took many initiatives to change the life of youngsters in city. These programs include Secrets of Success, Positive Transformation, Good to Great & many others. Every week, personal appointments are organized with highly qualified alumni of IITs & other premier institutions of country to solve students’ problems. Result is that thousands of students have left their drug habits, smoking, drinking & were able to combat depression & negative thoughts. The students developed leadership, communication, management & healthy living skills in themselves. For householders, Sunday & every Ekadashi evening special classes are organized & they are personally guided to live a peaceful & prosperous life. Special house programs are organized to benefit general mass. Movement is also running hostels for improving students life style by the name of “Folk Hostels”


(i) With a view towards achieving the aforementioned purposes, to print, publish, and distribute periodicals, magazines, books and other writings.


(ii) To involve in providing education for promotion of moral, social, cultural, economic values of the society / public in large and in furtherance of this object:

  • To establish centres for learning, training, performance and exhibition of Indian forms of music, dance, theatre, art, sculptor, etc. (including contemporary and current adaptations) with the objective of enriching the cultural and ethical values and inspire rightful conduct among the general public and to build auditorium, theatres, multi-media theatre, lecture halls, convention halls and other appropriate infrastructure to support this cause;
  • To establish, maintain, run, develop, improve, extend, grant and donate to educational institutions, including schools for the promotion and practice of fine arts and to aid in every possible manner such schools, colleges, polytechincs, and other educational institutions including instiutions for the study of various schools of philosophy, vocational training centres, research centres and hostels for students pursuing their studies.
  • To institute studentship, scholarship, stipends, medals, prizes, etc. to help and encourage deserving students and to provide monetary aid to students, scholars, and teachers for the purpose of an towards the imparting of education.
  • To establish, maintain, develop, and donate for the establishment, maintenance, and development of book, banks, libraries, museums and hostels; and
  • To organize, conduct and assist in the organizing and conducting lectures, seminars, and

(iii) To engage in providing medical relief for general health of the members of the society / public at large and in furtherance of this object:

  • To establish, maintain, run, develop, improve, extend, grant, donate to and aid in the establishment, maintenance, running, development , improvement, and extension of hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, medical laboratories, including Indian system of Ayurveda and similar institutions affording treatment, care, rest, recuperation and other medical relief to the public.

(iv) To engage in providing relief to the poor and in furtherance of this object:

  • To construct community halls, rest houses, etc. to feed and give food, clothing and cash grants to the poor and to grant donation for the support of the inmates of orphanages, rescue and rehabilitation centres and similar institutions; and
  • To inculate among the poor, needy and educated youth the advantages of self help and self employment and in direction to provide succor and sustenance t othem by way of training and employment opportunities by establishing and supporting, cottage industries.

(v) To engage in other objects of general public utility necessary and incidental for the purpose of attainment of the abovementioned objects and in furtherance of the object.

(a) To establish, run and aid old age homes, community centres, public halls, cultural centres, including auditoria;

(b) To establish, run and maintain goshalas in order to create awareness among the general public about the benefits, including economic, from cow protection; and

(c) To popularize the vegetable-grain diet under the approved methods in order that full value of protein, carbohydrate, fat and vitamin benefit may be derived therefore, by way of setting up food labs, research centres, restaurants, food courts, etc.s

(d) To provide shelters and homes to the general public, to set up theme parks related to Indian Heritage & history and related amenities to benefit the general public.

(e) To undertake civic enterprises which do not come in conflict with the ideals and missions of the trust with all the principles in view which may be in the form of improving the sanitation in holy places of pilgrimage by providing drinking water, drainage or in the form of developing new spiritual townships designed to provide